Sunday, February 5, 2012

Connect 4 Challenge!

Earn a FREE iPad2 - And almost $1000 in Commission!

Join Usborne Books & More in February to become eligible to earn a
FREE iPad2 in the Connect 4 Challenge.
The Connect 4 Challenge rewards Usborne Consultants who are consistently active in sales over the next 4 months with a FREE iPad2!
There is NO LIMIT to the amount of iPads that will be given away...  EVERYONE who meets the challenge will receive an iPad2.
An easy way to reach the required sales is by doing 4 parties a month for the next 4 months.  (average size show nation-wide is $300-$400) 
However, any and all sales count towards these required sales - so a Consultant could also do card fundraisers, booth events, book fairs, school & library sales, 50% matching grants... or even door-to-door!

EVERYONE who meets the sales requirements for all 4 months will receive an iPad2!!

PLUS - will earn approximately $1000 in commission!

Here’s how based on doing parties when each month's sales requirement is met…
February:  $1000 retail =  $667 net = $166.75 in commission
    March:  $1500 retail = $1000 net = $250 in commission
      April:  $1500 retail = $1000 net = $250 in commission
       May:  $1500 retail = $1000 net = $250 in commission

TOTAL COMMISSION EARNED = $916.75  (minimum earned!)

To get started...
Purchase a New Consultant Kit - the MINI kit is only $29 in Feburary.
Please contact the Consultant who placed the ad to answer any questions and help you get started. 

New Consultant MINI-Kit - Only $29 in February!

• Usually priced at $69 (plus sales tax) - shipping is included! 

• Includes 8 best-selling Usborne books & Kane/Miller books! Retail Value = $79.92
• Includes starting business supplies - over $40 worth!
• Includes a FREE Usborne shopping website for 6 months! A $70.00 Value!
• Includes IMN Newsletter for 3 months - Customer newsletter/online database.  $15.00 Value!

Value of New Consultant Mini-Kit = $198+
Order the MINI kit before the end of month deadline.
Make a goal to do 6 shows in your first 30 days! This helps you take full advantage of the Write Your Own Success Story program.

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